a little more human – ep. 13

Tyler Way and Kendra Clapp Olguin join us as our first guests outside the Gorilla community.  Tyler and Kendra have been on the road for the last two years creating experiences for U.S. military veterans and designers called the HERO SERIES.

“The HERO[series] partners a Veteran with a designer to share their message. The two-day collaborative design process starts over a cup of coffee where the two get to know one another by sharing stories and asking questions, all while brainstorming design concepts together on the first day.

Through years of conducting collaborations, [HAS HEART] has established an open and safe environment. As the Veteran is sharing their story, the artist begins to pick up on keywords, phrases, images, symbols, mottos, etc. While the designer listens and asks questions to dig deeper into some of these key points, themes and storylines will naturally begin to appear and develop. As the two continue to dive deeper into specific overlying messages, they will begin to narrow down their design options, eventually honing in on a single concept that best shares their meaningful message with the world.”

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You can also follow along with them on Instagram: @hasheart.us

They also recently started a business called One-y-one. Here’s their website: https://www.one-y-one.com/

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