a little more human – ep. 18

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jill DeVries on this week’s episode of ‘a little more human.’ She is a photographer based out of Grand Rapids, MI whose work has been featured in Vogue, The Knot, and VSCO (and many other publications). She tells us how she got into the industry, her “Why” for doing […]

a little more human – ep. 17

Jon Melton, a creative producer based in New York, is on this week’s podcast. We talk about internships vs. mentorships, discovering what you’re good at, and how to set boundaries with co-workers and clients.    Check out the entire episode on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Overcast!

a little more human – ep. 16

Eric Machiela and Caton Vance sit down with cinematographer Chad Terpstra on this week’s podcast. We talk about the feature-length documentary that Chad directed and has been making for the last seven years, Father the Flame.  It’s an exciting episode because the film is currently available to pre-order on iTunes and will be launching on June 4th, 2019.  Check […]

a little more human – ep. 15

Lance Mokma, a professional 1st AC, is on this week’s podcast. We talk to him about his love for Jurassic Park, how his first job was on a major film set, and dealing with personal medical issues while still being at the top of his game.  If you’d like to see more of Lance’s work check […]

a little more human – ep. 14

Two of the partners sat down with Brent Christy, the DP on Camp Manna, on this week’s episode.  They spend time reminiscing about past projects and working together. It’s the first “travel” podcast that we’ve done and we’re excited to share it with you!  Go check out more of his work on his website: http://www.brentchristy.tv/ Check out the entire […]

a little more human – ep. 13

Tyler Way and Kendra Clapp Olguin join us as our first guests outside the Gorilla community.  Tyler and Kendra have been on the road for the last two years creating experiences for U.S. military veterans and designers called the HERO SERIES. “The HERO[series] partners a Veteran with a designer to share their message. The two-day collaborative design […]

a little more human – ep. 12

1st AC Tyler Hollman is on the podcast this week. He talks about what goes into his role and how he decided this was he wanted to do with this life. He drops some lovely truths about failure and trust while answering questions about why he’s such a good teacher. Tyler is a beautiful human, […]

a little more human – ep. 11

We sit down with Cinematographer Jeff Sukes on this week’s episode of a little more human. He told us about how he got his start filming skateboard videos with friends, never wanting to make movies, to thinking he wanted to start his own production company (and much more).  We ask him about his “patient persistence” […]

a little more human – ep. 10

We sat down with Grant Floering (Composer, Producer, Musician) and asked him about how he “susses out the vibe” in creating original music for content of all kinds. We talk about his bands, how his first job as a composer was on a movie, and floating down the river drinking beers.  This was a fun one and […]

a little more human – ep. 09

Hello fellow humans! Welcome to episode 9 of a little more human.  Caton Vance sat down with Chase Wiseman Gorilla’s business manager and talked through solving problems, what excites Chase about the media landscape, startups, and cannabis tech.  One of our favorite moments is when Chase talks about mentoring new startups and how he can […]

a little more human – ep. 08

We sat down with editing wizard Scott McCambridge to talk about his journey into the filmmaking world. We talk about the different projects he’s working on, one of which is launching this June called Father the Flame that he has been working on for over seven years.  Scott has a lot of wisdom to share, and he is a […]

Love Is The Substrate.

Deluge is a lovely word. If you’re a natural English speaker, it forces your mouth into those lovely, sensual shapes so familiar to our French cousins. Go ahead. Say it. Out loud. Right now. D’leiu—zzzhh. It’s also a word to describe today’s media environment. How much information are we surrounded by at every second of […]

a little more human – ep. 07

We sit down with Evan Koons (Actor, Writer, Producer) who has done a ton of projects with Gorilla over the years. We talk about his process when it comes to acting but also how he finds truth in moments that you wouldn’t expect.  Our favorite moments are when he talks about “embodying” stories in ways that cause […]

a little more human – ep. 06

Eric Scott Johnson & Caton Vance sit down with Nate VanderPlas (Animator, Director, Kid at Heart).  He talks about the struggles of comparison while still staying true to your vision. We also ask him how he makes things that don’t normally have emotion emote in ways that make people pause.   Nate is an incredible animator and has been part […]

a little more human – ep. 05

Eric Scott Johnson & Caton Vance sit down with Valerie Martinez (Producer, Creative Director, Story Producer).  We talk about how Valerie accidentally got into the business and how she got her start working in reality TV. She shares some interesting stories as well as some heartfelt ones about working on projects she loves.  Eric and Valerie have worked together for […]

a little more human – ep. 04

Eric Scott Johnson & Caton Vance sit down with co-founding partner of Gorilla Eric Machiela.  We talk about his writing process, explore some of the “Why” of Gorilla, and Eric shares stories from his wealth of experience on film sets.  This is our longest episode yet and we could have talked for a lot longer. Let us know if […]

a little more human – ep. 03

Eric Scott Johnson & Caton Vance sit down with Jason Baker who’s one of the directors on Gorilla’s roster.  He talks about why he started directing, how he loves making things, and how to navigate bringing people together on a film set. Check out the Instagram clips and episode below. Check out the entire episode on: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast!

METAS | Rebranding a Disruptive Innovation

Labels for Humans. Metas Managed Label Services is a scrappy team of engineers, quants, and printing professionals who decided their industry was ripe for a serious disruption. They’ve designed some truly innovative tech and service offerings which promise to do to the label printing industry what Xerox did to the conventional printing industry 40 years […]

a little more human – ep. 02

Caton Vance & Eric Scott Johnson sit down with Gorilla’s own producer/designer Gina Caratelli and ask her about how she got to where she is in her career. She gives some damn good advice to new creatives and shines some light on her design process.  Check out the entire episode on: Stitcher,Spotify, iTunes,Overcast!