Personalized For You

For Artistry

Beauty re-defined.

For years Artistry built their success on a glamorous platform consistent with the beauty industry at-large. But when they decided to pivot to a more authentic, dare we say “more human” approach they called us. Personalized For You was purposed to act as a stop-gap in Artistry’s transition to a more natural brand identity, and as such, required a foundation of strategic design more complex than meets the eye.  It’s a project that inspired us to build in-studio jungles, create social profiles, and do a whole lot of creative problem-solving!

Behind The Scenes

Personalized for You was filmed in a single geographic location. Because of this, a faux "jungle" had to be created in-studio by our talented art department. The set consisted of over 800 lbs. of dirt!

Nathanael Sherfield

DirectorView Work

Caton Vance


Strategic DesignDavid Michael Phelps

ProducerChristina El Haddad

CinematographyChad Terpstra

PhotographyHayden Stinebaugh

Production DesignLoralee Grace

StylistChristine de Lassus

HMUKelsey Zahn, Ashley Amaya, Francesca Giaimo, Kathy Price

EditingScott McCambridge

Score & Sound DesignKyle Campbell

ColorChad Terpstra