Artistry Essentials


Artistry wanted to catch the eye of a young demographic, to provide a lighter, brighter entry point to their Essentials line. The piece had to communicate this new brand tone, but also had to be flexible enough that hero ingredients could be swapped out for the brand’s various markets.

So Director Nate Vander Plas and his team created social media’s answer to a Busby Berkeley dance number: a choreographed explosion of the products’ various botanical ingredients. Using a combination of animated, live action, and stop-motion characters, this bright, “emoji-friendly” campaign energized the brand.



Nate Vander Plas

DirectorView Work

Caton Vance

Post Coordinator

ProducerJon Melton

CinematographyJeff Sukes

Art DirectionGrace Kelly

2D Cell AnimationSam Stucky

Modeling, Texturing, LightingDominik Dammelhart

ComposerGrant Floering

Sound DesignKyle Campbell