Ego Wrecking Ball

The Bangups

Oh, man, one of our perennial faves. The Bangups are a rock duo who were looking to crank out a killer video for a killer single. But how do you freshen up the genre and make it into weird art that you’d print out, frame, and hang on your wall?

Co-directors Seth Johnson and Stephen Pell delivered the goods. Creating a cheeky, bizarre, and disturbingly furry world of betrayal, violence, and kitty-yarn, the crew made a film we continue to keep in rotation, even after its premiere on MTV. And yes. We printed out stills, framed them, and hung them on our wall.

Behind The Scenes

Seth Carver

DirectorView Work

DirectorStephen Pell

ProducerVirginia Anzengruber

CinematographerChad Terpstra

CameraLance Mokma

Production DesignerErika Pinero