Father The Flame

Father the Flame follows Lee Erck, a world-renowned pipemaker, as he travels the globe exploring the nearly forgotten art of tobacco pipe making.

Featuring a charming cast of characters—from the “royal” family of Danish pipemakers, to the world’s greatest Italian briar cutter, to a 4th-generation Native American peace pipe maker— this story speaks to a slower pace of life, a luxury in our sped-up world. Beautiful and hypnotic, Father the Flame immerses the viewer in the cultural and spiritual significance of the tobacco pipe and what it can teach us about the things we leave behind.

Chad Terpstra


ProducersStellita Terpstra, Jeremy Rush, Eric Machiela

EditorScott McCaimbridge

ComposerKyle Calvin Cambpell

Sound MixerAdam Schmidt

Special Effects SupervisorTrisha Gaw

B Unit CinematographyJeff Sukes