Free Pie

Originally written as a stageplay under the tutelage of theater, film, and TV legend Tom Skerritt, Free Pie was adapted for the screen and shot in two nights. With three dedicated actors and a small crew, the filming took place in a puzzling house designed by a cathedral architect shortly before his death.

Because the 10-minute film takes place in real-time, the entire team was able to experience the actors performing the script from start to finish as though they were watching a play. Given the short shooting schedule to execute the ambitious deep-focus look, the live performance of the film proved to be an invaluable way of creating a unified vision for the cast and crew.

Caleb Slain

DirectorView Work

Chad Terpstra


ProducersGabe Berghuis, Aaron B. Smith, Eric Johnson

Original StoryJ. Abraham Hall

Production DesignEsther Thorp

Sound Design & MixAdam Burd

EditorCaleb Slain