Juggle & Cut

Far and away in the chilling northern reaches of Michigan farm country lived 16-year-old Andy Phelps: an anomalous prodigy with a colorful resume. Andy juggled knives and fire for mass audiences, hand-made wood furnishings, thundered his motorcycle through the Midwest, captained his hockey team to a State Championship, and taught himself to unicycle and fire-breathe…all before turning seventeen. But late one autumn morning in 1998, Andy broke his neck and consequently lost the use of his hands and legs. Over a decade later, what should have been the last chapter in the life of a fabled prodigy became the first page of a new story, where against all odds he became the only known quadriplegic in an unexpected profession.

Caleb Slain

DirectorView Work

Eric Machiela


ProducersDavid Michael Phelps, Ross Vande Waa

Cinematographer Eric Machiela

ComposerWlad Marhulets

EditorCaleb Slain

Sound MixAdam Burd