Peter Boss Puok

We first met Peter Puok when he showed up at an audition two years after arriving in the United States. One of the original Lost Boys of Sudan, he had escaped genocide as a child and survived in the face of incredible odds. Impressed by his character and resilience we cast him in our film, and we have remained close friends ever since.

Twelve years later, Peter learned that his younger sister also survived – but remained trapped with her two young children in violent South Sudan. He asked us for our help.

So we started by making this film: a raw and heart-wrenching sharing of Peter’s survival story, created to help audiences empathize with the plight of his kin. Then we hosted a private fundraiser and premiered the project. The audience response was overwhelming, and we soon had enough funds to attempt a rescue mission.

In the summer of 2018, Peter returned to (South) Sudan with an armed security force and rescued his family.

A Successful Rescue

We chose not to film Peter's journey to South Sudan for a variety of reasons – foremost being the dangerous scrutiny it would have placed on him and his security team. But Peter was able to capture a few photos and videos once his family was safe in Uganda.

In addition to rescuing his family, Peter discovered three orphaned children living alone in a Ugandan refugee camp. He placed them in boarding school and is now supporting their education.