Power of 5 Campaign | 360 Video

For The Power of 5 Campaign

In the early days of Virtual Reality, we were asked to create a VR experience for the Power of 5 Campaign, helping them communicate their efforts to help malnourished children to an international gathering of business owners.

The result was more than we could have hoped for. We conceived a pop-up VR theater for the event, and before we knew it 99% of the conference attendees put on the headset and experienced Power of 5’s work in Africa. And while it’s normal to get a 30% reaction rate in such a fundraising event, this event yielded a 99% response rate, far exceeding any previous efforts.

*Note – VR is an immersive medium best experienced within a headset player. To really experience the power of it, you need to beyond past simple flat-screen playback (computers, mobile devices). Please contact us if you would like to schedule an in-person, headset demo. You’ll be glad you did.

Behind the Scenes