United Soy Bean | 360 Video

For United Soy Bean Board

Nothing beats visiting the farm where your food comes from. Second best? VR. We partnered with producer John Boros to help United Soy Bean create a virtual tour of a soybean farm and help audiences learn about sustainable practices and the benefits of sourcing U.S.-grown ingredients.

One unique challenge for this project was the need to integrate existing 2D footage into the virtual experience. In response, the team developed a way to include this footage through animation, and thereby turn a VR tour into a multimedia educational experience. Mmm, mmm, soy!

*Note – VR is an immersive medium best experienced within a headset player. To really experience the power of it, you need to beyond past simple flat-screen playback (computers, mobile devices). Please contact us if you would like to schedule an in-person, headset demo. You’ll be glad you did.