Spring Is So Good

For Yoplait

Dairy products. Personified.

We all like to play. For us, this often means getting to create worlds that don’t exist. With Yoplait’s “Why Spring is Good,” it was an opportunity to take audiences to a place of universal human experience: the optimism of spring, the freshness of innocent love, and the versatility of fermented milk.

Through winsome production design, hand-crafted puppetry, and weeks of hard work, Director Nate Vander Plas and his team were able to create a world of puppetry that we’d all love to live in.



Behind the Scenes

Nate Vander Plas

DirectorView Work

Co-Director, WriterScott McCambridge

CinematographerDerek Street

Production DesignTrisha Gaw

ComposerKyle Campbel