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Comprised of footage captured at farming locations all around the globe, this “World of Nutrilite Trailer” was designed to introduce captive audiences to the Nutrilite story in a theatrical setting. The screener is exhibited multiple times daily at the Nutrilite Experience Center in Los Angeles, CA. and is presented in multiple languages.

The project is the amalgamation of dozens of flights, tedious equipment carnets, and border guards presumingly observing a film camera for the first time. We freaking loved it.


Jason Baker

DirectorView Work

Valerie Sasso

Creative Director

ProducersValerie Sasso, Jon Melton, Ross Vande Waa

CinematographerJeff Sukes

CinematographerBrent Christy

AerialsThe Copter Kids, Seth Carver

ComposerWill Musser

CameraTyler Hollman, Lance Mokma