For the Life of the World

Letters to the Exiles

For The Life of the World is a seven-part film series which borrows its name from Orthodox author Alexander Schmemann’s book by the same title.

A discovery of God’s Economy of All Things, FLOW (as it is affectionately called) explores how purpose is woven into every area of our lives: family, work, art, charity, education, government, recreation, and all creation.

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For The Life of The World is a seven-part series. Promotional videos and stills for each individual episode can be found below.

FLOW | Episode One | Exile

Episode Two | Love

Episode Three | Creative Service

Episode Four | Order

Episode Five | Wisdom

Episode Six | Wonder

Episode Seven | Church

Art & Collateral

Promotional artwork for FLOW was designed to provide audiences and venues with shareable assets to spread awareness for the film. Downloadable PDFs can be found here.

Discussion Guide

FLOW was designed with large and small group audiences in mind. Curriculum was designed to help audiences unpacked each episode and spur meaningful discussion in group settings. Review them in their entirety here.

Behind The Scenes

Eric Johnson

DirectorView Work

David Michael Phelps

Creative Producer

Creative ProducerRoss Vande Waa

ProducerGabe Berghuis

CinematographerDerek Street

Production DesignerJames Cunningham

ComposerKyle Campbel

Lead EditorScott McCaimbridge

EditorsJason Baker, Dan Woodliff

LocationsAndy Richter