Pure, Safe, & Effective


Real people turned actors.

Telling a traceability story for the world’s foremost nutrition brand is a challenge. Telling that story authentically, in 30 seconds, and with real scientists and farmers instead of professional actors, well, that can be downright tricky. To help them out, we designed playful, cell-drawn branding and animation. The mechanism keeps things moving and adds a bit of pep to these brave, non-actor performances.

The project produced the campaign’s design aesthetic, three films, and a variety of social content.

Additional Films



Branding & Design

Nutrilite's strategy for their traceability initiative was well underway when we arrived, but the brand was still searching for a design aesthetic to tell the story. Our development process led them to a hand-crafted style which was leveraged for web, print, and digital.

Behind the Scenes

Eric Johnson

DirectorView Work

David Michael Phelps

Creative Director

ProducerAaron B. Smith

CinematographyJeff Sukes

Production DesignGrace Kelly

1st A.C.Tyler Holman

2nd A.C.Quinton Rodriguez

SoundGrant Floering