Atmosphere Drive


Clarity from within.

As if commuting in the city wasn’t stressful enough without the added worry about, well, …breathing.  But for many, this is a reality, particularly in Asian markets. So how do you make the threats real, but not too scary and shift a stressful event into a peaceful moment?

This collaboration with our friends at Carbon VFX utilized a virtual landscape, augmented by live-action talent and a real auto interior. It was an imaginative project complete with amazing clients, talented partners, and a whole lot of render farms. 


"Drive Teaser" Companion Film

Sometimes the best ideas happen at the last minute. With the official product release on the horizon, our partners at Drive recognized a need for a companion film to help build anticipation prior to launch. Our team quickly devised this simple-yet-effective solution and hustled to produce it in record time.

Atmosphere Drive Teaser


Behind the Scenes

Director Ross Vande Waa relied heavily on the use of pre-visualization to craft the CGI storyline prior to production. The entire project was mapped out within frames of the final edit through the use of storyboards and animatics.

To produce the film, Gorilla worked closely with post-production partners to developed a completely virtual landscape augmented by a real-life auto interior and live-action talent.

Product Photography

Gorilla was tasked with capturing product photography alongside film production. By leveraging existing locations, equipment, and art department assets the team was able to produce the desired assets cohesively and efficiently.

Ross Vande Waa

DirectorView Work

Gina Caratelli


Co-ProducerNathan Colley


CinematographerChad Terpstra

ComposerKyle Campbell

Art DirectionGrace Kelly