Opportunity to Bloom


How quickly can you be in Mexico?

It was the year before Nutrilite’s 80th anniversary, and they were ten days out from filming at their organic farms in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. The problem? They had to tag in a new production partner who could work on the fly with minimal prep. In other words, they needed experienced storytellers who could respond quickly, professionally, and artistically.

So they came to us. We scooped up our crew, rallied The Copter Kids, and traversed the western hemisphere to build a library of cinematic footage. The 80th now past, our friends at Nutrilite still say this is amongst their favorite work. Good thing we’re totally into organic.


Center for Optimal Health | Theatrical Film

We have been fortunate to document the amazing work being done on Nutrilite's farms all over the world. The people, culture, and unified commitment to organic practice is a reminder that the right kind of farming can help revitalize our tiny planet.

As a result, The Center for Optimal Health in Los Angeles now exhibits this short film to share the work that Nutrilite is doing.

Center for Optimal Health


Eric Johnson

DirectorView Work

Ross Vande Waa


CinematographerBrent Christy

CameraEric Johnson

AerialsThe Copter Kids

ScoreJulianna Barwick

Voice OverGerardo Gordillo