Put Your Stamp On The World

For Central Michigan University

Fire up Chips.

We teamed up with Central Michigan University in the throws of their “Put Your Stamp on the World” campaign. Their print/outdoor work was effective, and they wanted to capitalize with a television/online ad that prolonged the momentum.  

So prolong we did. Through a clear vision and an allergic reaction to bad university ads, director Jason Baker created a genuine depiction of CMU – casting current students and revisiting the classroom world of chem labs and go-kart racing. Yeah. They have Go-kart racing.

Additional Campaign Work

Those Who Lead

For Central Michigan University

Jason Baker

DirectorView Work

Gabe Berghuis


CinematographerDerek Street

Production DesignSeth Carver, Trisha Gaw

Voice OverEvan Koons

EditorJason Baker