Love Is The Substrate.

Deluge is a lovely word. If you’re a natural English speaker, it forces your mouth into those lovely, sensual shapes so familiar to our French cousins. Go ahead. Say it. Out loud. Right now. D’leiu—zzzhh. It’s also a word to describe today’s media environment. How much information are we surrounded by at every second of […]

METAS | Rebranding a Disruptive Innovation

Labels for Humans. Metas Managed Label Services is a scrappy team of engineers, quants, and printing professionals who decided their industry was ripe for a serious disruption. They’ve designed some truly innovative tech and service offerings which promise to do to the label printing industry what Xerox did to the conventional printing industry 40 years […]

We’ve rebranded. Honestly.

“Gorilla began on accident.” This is the first line of our newly–minted Gorilla brand guide. This guide tells a story of hard work and community building, but if we’re being honest, it also tells a story of how, in building a company, we often neglected our brand. Ours is an industry where we need to […]