Love Is The Substrate.

Deluge is a lovely word. If you’re a natural English speaker, it forces your mouth into those lovely, sensual shapes so familiar to our French cousins. Go ahead. Say it. Out loud. Right now. D’leiu—zzzhh. It’s also a word to describe today’s media environment. How much information are we surrounded by at every second of […]

We’ve rebranded. Honestly.

“Gorilla began on accident.” This is the first line of our newly–minted Gorilla brand guide. This guide tells a story of hard work and community building, but if we’re being honest, it also tells a story of how, in building a company, we often neglected our brand. Ours is an industry where we need to […]

Gorilla + Sundance Film Festival

In 2017, the Gorilla partners went to the Sundance Film Festival and had a profound experience – being immersed in film formultiple days straight overflowed them with inspiration and energy, ultimately recharging them creatively for the entire year. It was so impactful that when they got back, they announced that the whole Gorilla community would […]