Camp Manna + Digital Distribution

  Camp Manna – our satirical feature film which takes place a Christian summer camp – doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a traditional “religious” film, nor does it fit that of a normal “summer camp” movie, so it makes perfect sense that we would take an equally unorthodox approach to its distribution. Upon completion, […]

Gorilla wins top prize at Austin Film Festival

Director Caleb Slain and Producer Eric Machiela took their short film Demon, a one-act story utilizing groundbreaking natural moon-lighting techniques, to the Austin Film Festival (2017) and were awarded the Best Narrative Short Jury Award! And yes, that’s Eric Machiela in all his glory with acclaimed filmmaker Robert Rodrigez.             […]

The Birth of GRLA

In 2015, Gorilla opened its second production office in Santa Monica, CA. This outpost serves to provide tangible access not just to the LA commercial market, but to the partnerships Gorilla engages for high-end film production. Through this outpost we have increased access to equipment, production professionals, and acting talent needed for our work to […]