We Do.

For Central Michigan University

A hands-on concept during a hands-off time. How do we launch a new campaign during a global pandemic, without it feeling like it’s a global pandemic?  Bust out the face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing practices, then get creative.  Together with CMU, we found a safe and effective approach to production that was still able to deliver a variety of assets at a high quality level. This is how We Do.

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Behind the Scenes

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Those Who Lead

For Central Michigan University

Put Your Stamp On The World

For Central Michigan University

Jason Baker

DirectorView Work

Zach Runge


Executive ProducerRoss Vande Waa

Creative DirectorEric Machiela

CinematographerJeff Sukes

Production DesignLynn Serulla

ComposerGrant Floering

AnimationSam Stucky